How To Make Your Mental Health A Priority

Mental health is a major key in the self love journey. It’s an important part in all stages of life because our mental health includes how we think, feel, act and react to curtain situations. We should always put our mental health on the top of our list because it determines how we deal with stressful situations and how we handle others and ourselves! Below is a couple of ways that I measure how I am making my mental health a priority.

Eat Clean And Drink Water

Eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks can cause a lot of inflammation and cause mood swings. Because junk food isn’t a steady source of fuel for our mind or body, it causes our mental health a lot of distress. Try eating clean with whole fruits, vegetables and proteins as well as drinking more water. By doing this, it can improve your overall ability to focus and help with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Feel the Sunshine and Go For A Walk

Getting outside and feeling the sun on your skin can truly improve your mood. It’s a great way to feel one with nature and a great sensation of being alive and well! Going for a 10 minute walk can reduce stress, improve sleep quality and improves your perception and self-esteem!

Journal About Your Feelings

Writing down your feelings is a great way to get them out of your system. Write down all of the good, bad and ugly of the day and let go of what has been bothering you. Try journaling for 15 minutes per day to utilize it as a stress reliving tool.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

Establishing a routine bedtime can allow you to unwind that send signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep. By setting a routine it will let your body and mind know that a relaxing time period is coming up and it can be a self rewarding time of the day.

Talk To A Therapist

Going to a therapist can be very rewarding for yourself and for your mental health. It allows you to go to a professional who can give you a better understanding about your emotions. Therapist also teach ways to communicate to convey your emotions to your love ones. Therapy is a great way to increase self-esteem, build better relationships, and it can give you a better outlook on life!

Make a Gratitude List

My personal favorite way to indulge in my mental health is by making a gratitude list. We all have things in our lives that are it’s very sentimental and significant that we rejoice in gratitude. Take 5 to 10 minutes every morning or night to write down the things that your are happy to have in your life.

Put Down Your Phone

In today’s world our phones are our lives. But sometimes our phones do more damage than good and it can play huge role in our mental health. Take time to put down your phone or uninstall certain apps that can trigger you. By doing this, it can drastically reduce anxiety and depression and it can promote your own self-esteem. It will also allow you to reset expectations on time management and it gives your brain and much-needed break.

Be Kind To Yourself

Since you know yourself better than anyone on the planet, it is very important that you be kind to yourself. They doing this, it promotes your happiness and confidence, because how we treat ourselves will set the tone for others and that is how they will treat us. Take time every day to enjoy one little thing that brings you peace and happiness. Advocate for yourself, forgive yourself and most importantly respect yourself.

Our mental health is so important and it’s extra important that we acknowledge it and include ways and tools every day that we can make our mental health a priority! Make sure to comment below to tell me a way that you prioritize your mental health!

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