My Vision Board

This past weekend, a dear friend and I made vision boards. As a visual learner, this is how I set my goals for the rest of 2021 and for the year of 2022! Before physically making the board, I started by planning out what I wanted to add and why. As of right now, my mindset is about positivity, self care, and happiness, so this is what I set my vision board around! I selected categories such as working out, positive body affirmations, money, education, friendship, traveling, hobbies, business, and two materialistic things I would want to own. I made sure to add eye catching and realistic pictures that I could see every day so that it would motivate me to work towards my goal everyday!

My Vision board for the year of 2021-2022

So How Does A Vision Board Work?

Well first and fore most, there isn’t a right or wrong way to create a vision board! You as your unique self will manifest the life you want and the goals you want to accomplish! There are only three steps that I would recommend; that would be to ask, work, and receive!

Start by asking yourself what goals you want to set and why. Make sure to ask yourself if this goal is something that you want to accomplish over a long course of time or in a short period of time. Then finally ask what’s your plan and how would you measure if you’re close to meeting your goal.

The next step you want to follow is to put in the work! Just because we are manifesting the life that we want, and believing with all of our might that it will happen, does not necessarily mean that based off of this alone it will happen. NO! We have to put in the work to get the things that we want and deserve. If you want to lose weight, then we have to put in the work, if you want to have a better career or graduate from a college, putting the visual on your board will help you see that goal everyday; but it’s up to you to put in the work to meet that goal.

The last step would to receive! Allow the changes to happen in your life and believe and receive that your goal is going to happen and that it is inevitable! Follow these steps and you will be on the right track to visualizing and manifesting the life that you want and the goals that you want to succeed at!

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