Self Care Sundays

To be honest, Sundays are personally my favorite day of the week because its a day that I have dedicated to papering myself both mentally and physically. Most people associate Sundays with negativity because it’s a sign that the weekend is coming to an end the reality that we are approaching a new work week. However, by treating yourself on Sundays, the negative outlook will turn positive because you will be ready to put your best self forward and conquer the week like the swanky solider you are! Here are my six favorite ways to show myself love on Sundays!


Journaling is such a fantastic way to kick off self care Sunday. Start off by finding a journal that is very eye-catching to you so that you are excited to see this item and want to write in it. Use the journal as your personal little therapist and write down all the things that have been bothering you all week. Write out your frustrations, worries, anxiety, and fears. By placing them on paper, you are acknowledging your feelings and exploring what might be causing them. As you start to journal more, you might be able to identify a pattern, a person or an environment that is triggering you and you will have an opportunity to correct that situation for yourself.

You could also journal your goals and write words of affirmation to yourself. By writing down your goals she can prioritize them and set yourself a deadline on when you want to accomplish them by. Each Sunday you can measure your success to meet that goal and troubleshoot new ways to accomplish the goal faster. Lastly, words of affirmation is something that you could always write about. Tell yourself that you are smart, beautiful, healthy, and worthy. How you think about yourself is how others will perceive you; so it is a must you are telling yourself nothing but positive declarations.

2. Self Cleansing

Scrub-a-dub! Spend a great amount of time cleaning yourself to display your best self! Wash hair, scrub body, exfoliate, shave, and moisturize! You will thank yourself ten times over for how clean and smooth you feel! You could also give yourself a true spa day by going to the spa or doing it at home! Once again it is all about making sure that you are feeling confident and ready to strut come Monday!

3. Claw Care

Fingernail polish chipping? Give yourself a mani/pedi! You can go to the salon or do it at home. Pick out your favorite color and apply it to really uplift your confidence and know that your are going to go into the new week feeling revamped, fabulous, and swanky!

4. Yummy Meals

Eat your best-loved meal on Sundays! It can be a “cheat” meal if you have been dieting all week, or it can been a favorite dish that you only eat on rare or speical occasions. Treat your self to your favorite treat and leave the guilt elsewhere! We deserve yummy food that our tastebuds will rejoice about! “treat yoself!”

5. Hobby Time

What is your all time favorite thing to do? Well find it and do it on Sundays! Setting a new hobby and crafting your skill on Sundays is such a profound experience! Wether it is painting, gardening, writing, scrapbooking, reading, or even hanging out with loved ones, go for it! Since you are focusing on an enjoyable activity, it will send happy signals to your brain and will allow you to become less stressed and less tense. We hall have a hobby that makes us happy, make sure you find yours and really tap into it!

6. Cleaning Your Environment

Believe it or not, cleaning your home is an act of self-care. By deep cleaning your home on Sundays, you won’t have to do it during the week, ultimately saving yourself some time and stress. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the laundry is done, closet is organized, kitchen is clean and the bathroom is inviting. It also adds to your mental health, by being in a clean, clutter free space it allows your brain to become less foggy and ready to make clearer and sound decisions.

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