Swanky Morning Routine

In order to display self-care and self-love we need to have a routine in the morning to get us off to the right start! By establishing a routine it can help us control our schedules rather than the schedule of controlling us. A morning routine can help us prepare for the rest of the day and it promotes productivity. It also can help us feel in control, start healthy habits, boost energy levels, and improve confidence. By doing these simple things routinely every morning, it can really have a profound effect on our day!

Immediately Get Out of Bed

Make getting out of bed immediately as soon as your alarm goes off it’s such you up to be successful. By not delaying the day, everything else will run much smoother.

No Phone

We should check our phones in the morning because they induce a stress and anxiety whether we know it or not. It also distracts our brain and makes us less productive.


Meditation in the morning is a huge benefit and can enhance your mind to be free and clear before the stresses of the day start.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast that are rich in lean proteins, fruits, and even vegetables; it can assist with weight gain and it provides the nutrients that you need for energy so that you can be productive.

Take a Shower

Showering in the morning removes all the sweat and bacteria that has carried over from the night it also makes you more alert and willing to get moving.

Set a Goal Tor The Day

Setting a goal for the day is essential! Make sure that your goal is something that can be accomplished and take time to make sure that is gets met by the end of the day.

Get Out of The House On Time

If you leave your house on time then it will set you up successfully for the rest of the day. Being on time is a form of respect and if we want to be respected, then we always have to show respect first; so always be on time.

Morning routines are a huge stepping stone for a positive day and by making these small but impactful changes, you should see the benefits almost immediately! Stay swanky!

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